“Kaitlyn is a hard worker, conscientious and determined to leave no stone unturned in her research and reporting. She’s willing to dig in for the long haul, and to push for the most comprehensive possible coverage, strengths which helped her on a highly demanding master’s project.”

Gwenda Blair, writer & adjunct professor, Columbia University

“Kaitlyn, your energy level, perseverance, and productivity are extraordinary. You must be a natural writer—by which I mean one of those lucky people who actually ENJOY the activity that most writers viscerally dread. And yet, according to your bio, you hope to be a magazine or book editor in New York! With your drive, your … Continue reading John Bennet, Editor, The New Yorker & adjunct professor, Columbia University

John Bennet, Editor, The New Yorker & adjunct professor, Columbia University

“Kaitlyn is very capable, works fast, is interested in hearing feedback, and was eager to tackle any task we gave her.”

Leslie Ware, Editor at Large, Consumer Reports

“Kaitlyn has a remarkable generosity of spirit, a hunger to learn, and a wide practical streak that helps her get things done on time, and done well.”

Cyndi Stivers, former Editor in Chief, Columbia Journalism Review & adjunct professor, Columbia University

“She had a good sense of story structure, was a lively and engaging writer, and seemed to approach every story as a multimedia opportunity and a chance for reader engagement—a great way for a reporter to think.”

Kim Kleman, former Editor in Chief, Consumer Reports & adjunct professor, Columbia University