5 Questions All Cat or Dog Owners Should Ask Their Vets

Whether you’re a lifelong pet owner or a first-time adopter, a trip to a rowdy and crowded vet’s office can be a frazzling experience. I was once so distracted by my dog Sutton’s incessant licking of her lips, an indicator of stress, that I forgot all about my mental checklist of questions until after the appointment ended.

If your attention is easily diverted by your pet’s antics or you get nervous around doctors, make a plan. To ensure history doesn’t repeat itself, I now save my questions, along with my pet’s medical history and dietary notes or troubling symptoms, to my phone ahead of every visit.

Dr. Leni Kaplan, a clinician and lecturer with Cornell’s Small Animal Community Practice, said in an email interview that owners shouldn’t feel embarrassed by coming in with a list of questions. “Veterinarians have pets, too, and have often faced the exact challenges our clients face,” she said. “The more questions we can answer, the more successful owners and veterinarians will be in delivering the best care possible.” Here’s what both novice and experienced pet owners should always ask their vet at their next wellness exam.

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Photo Credit: Sarah MacReading/Wirecutter
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