The Best Bag and Cable Organizers

Whether you commute to the office or the coffee shop, you probably need a way to organize the pens, tech accessories, and toiletries you take with you every day. To find the best options to carry what different people might need with them, we spent over a week researching 65 bag organizers and testing 27 of them, and we found seven organizers we liked for their style, durability, and usability.

Some backpacks and purses come with all the pockets and loops you’d need, but others are black holes, swallowing charging cables and tubes of lip balm. For those people (and I count myself among them), the right bag organizer simplifies grabbing accessories while on the go, or moving gear from one bag to another. But everyone has different carrying needs, which is why we have picks to suit a variety of situations: a tech-forward cable organizer that zips closed, a customizable mesh-pouch setup, picks that prioritize toiletries (while making room for tech), and a stylish duo of cosmetic travel pouches made of premium materials—as well as some alternatives where applicable.

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Photo: Michael Hession
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