6 ways to declutter your smart phone and tablet

This digital detox will speed up your devices and make their batteries last longer

We hope you’re following through on your New Year’s resolution to get your life organized. But have you thought about decluttering your mobile device? Don’t fret—we’ve got a plan to help you categorize, systematize, and truly mobilize your smart phone or tablet.

Tackle self-created content
Spend 10 minutes deleting photos you don’t need before your gallery becomes unmanageable. Tomorrow, spend 10 minutes deleting unwanted videos. And don’t forget to do this periodically, especially if you spend a lot of time with cute kids and pets.

Unsubscribe from listservs
Hit the “unsubscribe” button in tiny print at the bottom of the e-mail, and say goodbye to the endless stream of “limited-time offers.” And sign up for Unroll.me to automatically unsubscribe from dozens of subscription e-mails at once. It even condenses the e-flyers you want to keep into a single message.

Pick multipurpose apps
Download a new app only if it will help you achieve your declutter goals. There’s no reason to have three separate task organizers for to-do lists, grocery lists, and read-it-later lists when a single app can handle all three. Springpad (for Android and iOS) is a personal assistant in your pocket. For example, bookmark a recipe, and Springpad adds its ingredients to your grocery list and writes a reminder to go to the store before picking up the kids from their extracurriculars.

Use those apps every day
Choose apps you’ll use frequently, and make them a part of your daily routine. If you use loyalty cards every day, for example, lighten your wallet with CardStar (for Android, iOS, and Windows) or Key Ring (for Android and iOS). Both scan and store all of your loyalty cards—from grocery reward cards to soup-and-sandwich freebie cards—and even let you sign up digitally for discounts from retailers.

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Photo by Kaitlyn Wells.
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