Domestic Abusers Can Control Your Devices. Here’s How to Fight Back.

illustration of tech abuse with a person looking at a laptop

Here’s how to record abuse without being discovered, safeguard your devices, and, ultimately, protect yourself.

5 Questions All Cat or Dog Owners Should Ask Their Vets

Wirecutter illustration of a dog's mouth

Bring this list of questions to ask your vet at your next appointment.

How to Break Your Single-Use Plastics Habit

A collection of colorful plastic and metal straws

Ditch your one-and-done straws, spoons, and containers with this kit of affordable, reusable stand-ins.

Parents: Bath time is a time to pay attention. Here’s why.

Baby, bath

Lost in a gleeful moment surrounded by rubber duckies, perfume-free soapsuds and the sweet giggles of a child, no parent wants to imagine the worst. But the bathroom can be a terrible place for young children if a caretaker takes even a quick moment to do something else.

Are Cemeteries Obsolete?

Digital reminders of the deceased can weigh as heavily on their loved ones as any tombstone in a cemetery.

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